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Your Dallas Foreclosure Lawyer Can Handle Your Real Estate and Property Law Concerns

The real estate market is constantly changing and evolving. If you would like some assistance trying to navigate the maze, contact your Dallas foreclosure lawyer today. The Goldston Law Firm can help with your loan documentation, boundary disputes, mechanic’s liens, and even your foreclosure process, if need be. With our dedicated and experienced lawyer, you… read more

Protect Your Home from Creditors in Dallas with Our Foreclosure Lawyers

At Goldston Law Firm, we have over 25 years of experience defending clients in civil law issues. Mr. Goldston himself actually received the highest rating given by fellow lawyers for the practice of law and is a member of the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers. If your family in Dallas is facing foreclosure, contact our… read more

Contact Our Dallas Foreclosure Attorney Early For The Best Results

Bringing in a Dallas foreclosure attorney early in your foreclosure process is best. Ideally, you should hire us before the foreclosure process even starts. This allows us more options to negotiate with your lenders and banks. We can often come to a resolution that doesn’t involve foreclosure and allows you to keep your home. We… read more

A Dallas Foreclosure Attorney That Can Help You With All Areas Of Real Estate Law

No matter what your legal struggles with real estate or property issues, Goldston Law Firm can help. Our law firm specializes in real estate. So while we are a Dallas foreclosure attorney that has years of experience helping families going through a ¬†foreclosure, we can help you with any area of real estate law. If… read more