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Attorney Goldston handles banking and creditors' rights in Corinth, Denton, Sanger and Dallas, TX

If one of your clients or customers fails to pay their debts, you need a reliable attorney. Goldston Law Firm focuses on banking and creditors' rights in the Corinth, Dallas, Denton and Sanger, TX area. If a debtor owes you money, attorney Goldston can represent you. He handles everything from foreclosures to lien property disputes. Call now for a free consultation.

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Fight for due compensation

Goldston Law Firm handles a wide range of cases involving banking and creditors' rights in the Corinth, Sanger, Denton and Dallas, Texas area. Meet with attorney Goldston today if you need to discuss:

Negotiable instruments
Commercial collections
Loan documentation
Check collection disputes
Unreasonable collection efforts
Turnover orders
Federal receiver superpowers
Lien priority disputes

Attorney Goldston will work hard during the course of your case to reach the best possible conclusion. Call now to schedule an appointment.