Are You Handling a Loved One's Estate?

Consult a probate attorney headquartered in Dallas, Corinth, Denton or Sanger, TX

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy, but it's even more stressful when you're responsible for dividing their assets. If you need help with a loved one's estate, call Goldston Law Firm right away. Attorney Goldston practices probate law in all Texas counties.

He can assist you with securing any type of asset, and he'll help you understand a will or trust. Call now for your free initial phone consultation.

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Trust an attorney with 35+ years of experience

The probate process can be overwhelming. Hire an experienced probate attorney to make sure everything is in order. Attorney Steven D. Goldston will make handling a loved one's estate as stress-free as possible. He'll help you with:

Will contests
Estate partition lawsuits
Community property disputes
Widow's homestead rights
Removal of fiduciaries

You want to make sure your loved one's wishes are upheld. Schedule an appointment with Goldston Law Firm to learn more about probate law in the Dallas, Corinth, Denton or Sanger, TX area.